Roberta Pollard Dance Studio


Our dance recitals are always wonderfu! 

The recital will be in  May

We have one recital.  Each class does two dances so they have a chance to appear twice. Only one costume is ordered with changes for both dances. A real saving.


  Students are not required to be in the recital, but they are encouraged to participate because of the wonderful experience.
 Costumes are ordered in December. Once they are fitted, you are responsible for the costume cost unless Roberta is notified IN WRITING!
There is a charge for recital tickets.


The recital requires participation in rehearsals, pursuant to a special rehearsal schedule published in the spring. There is also a dress-rehearsal the day before the recital. Parents are asked not to stay during rehearsals. Pick up times vary from rehearsal to rehearsal and from class to class, so parents must check the pick-up times posted on the black lightpost each rehearsal day. Please do not block the driveway.

There are no free tickets, but there is a discount for children in the audience who are age 10 or under. Seats are not reserved. You may save no more than 6 seats in your row if you arrive early. Tickets must be paid for when received and are not refundable. You may buy as many as you wish. Trophies are given to students selling large numbers of tickets.

Doors open 45 minutes before the recital start time. No flash cameras or video cameras with lights are allowed at the recital. Cameras without flash are allowed.  Please inform your guests. Food is not allowed in the auditorium at any time. Please do not take students into the auditorium during the performance.

Click here for Directions to Rippowam